Dragon Battleaxe

A sturdy battleaxe reinforced by a dragon claw

weapon (melee)
  • Retains previous +2 bonus of the original axe
  • Unbreakable by normal means
  • Has a chance to break enemy shields and weapons. (Lowers AC or Attack)

After using much of the dragon claw to forge a new sword for Milo Cottonale, the incredibly skilled smith in Sellen managed to repair Brouf’s damaged axe with some of what was left from the dragon claw. By smashing it into powder and mixing it into the metal used to reforge the axe, Brouf gained an axe of unparalleled sharpness and strength.

On one of the flat sides of the axe head rests the symbol of the Stonefist clan from which Brouf hails with the symbol of The Empire on the opposite side.

The head of the axe has taken on the appearance of dragon wings thanks to the artistic styling of the smith.

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Dragon Battleaxe

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