Dragon Claw Shortsword

Forged from a dragon claw

weapon (melee)
  • +2 to all damage rolls
  • Ignores physical DR
  • Applies both DEX and STR mods to the attack roll.
  • Unbreakable by normal means.

This weapon was crafted for Milo Cottonale the Halfling Wizard. It provides him with improved capability in close range especially when his magic runs out.

It boasts superior durability and offensive capability due to being created from the claw of one of the most powerful creatures of Melechora, the dragon.

The sharpened edge of the blade wraps up the front past the tip and around onto the back It is also sharpened on the back side near the hilt. The rest of the edge is flat and allows for a place for the blade to be struck for chopping tasks, as well as allowing for the user to place their hand to help steady the blade when used defensively.

The hilt has a hand guard on the front and is wrapped with leather. There is a Dragon emblazoned on both sides just above the hilt.

Dragon Claw Shortsword

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