House Rules

XP and Leveling

For this game, I will be using for the most part, the standard XP based leveling system as provided by the Pathfinder RPG source materials. At times, I may decide that I want the players to move more quickly through a certain level. In those instances, I will simply tweak XP amounts given to fit my designs.

Individual XP will be given for solo tasks, exceptional roleplay, tactical dominance and combat prowess. Playing your character well should be rewarded whether you make me feel like I have met your character through your fantastic RP, or if you manage to route the enemy force without ever engaging them in combat. Perhaps through clever tactics and effective use of your available skill, you dominate a battle. Either way, you deserve something for your work and I will reward you accordingly. Note, that this is at the discretion of the DM and arguing will likely incur a penalty of some kind. XP bonuses are not something worth arguing about, so don’t do it.

Alignment and Deities

The alignment system will be the one found in the Pathfinder RPG core materials whilst the deities will be a mix of the Pathfinder and D&D 3.5 systems. I will also work with characters to include any deity or religion they wish to use to a reasonable extent. If we can make it work mechanically and get it to fit the story then I am more than happy to include it.

  • While I will be using PF and 3.5, I’ve decided to add others for the sake of story as well. These may come from games, books, movies, or be of my own creation.

Personal Rules

There are also a few rules and mechanics that I really like from other systems. These will be utilized or included at my discretion and should serve to make sessions run more fluidly. The goal is not to add rules to make things more strict, but to substitute mechanics that allow for more streamlined and enjoyable play.

There may also be rules or mechanics that I create myself. I will expect the players to adapt to the rules and work within them. Again, I will not be going out of my way to make things more difficult, I simply will be trying to create an experience truly worth talking about.

List of posted House Rules
Potion Rules

House Rules

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